Mission Statement

To serve and assist patients throughout their recovery journey.  To aid clients as an essential part in their support system.   Enabling patients to gear up psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, and providing patients with nurturing guidance while coaching patients to catapult them into remarkable milestones during their recovery process.   The Fierce Female’s mission is to be the rock, and never-bending pole of support for patents to lean on, entrust, and refuel their motivation to press toward their goals in recovery; whether goals are regaining the ability to walk, climb stairs, write, read, pray, speak, paint, or draw pictures let it be known it is the Fierce Female’s mission to stand strong while others grasp my hand to take it step by step into a rewarding and full life.



When I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm it felt like half of me when missing,

it have taken years to put the pieces of my life back to together.  For me,

life has no meaning unless one is reaching out to help someone else.

It is my mission to help whomever I can.

You need to call 678-306-6762

to allow the Fierce Female assist you in putting

your life back together!