For most of my adult life I experienced major traumas including a near death experience. Spending a considerable amount of time in different forms of recovery from depression to physical rehabilitation which was a challenging process.   The process included living in two different homeless shelters while I rebuilt, revised, re-invented, and restructured my life.   During 1993 – 2000 I was in recovery from a sexual assault, and depression.

On August 15, 2007 I survived a ruptured brain aneurysm which surgeons have declared it to be a miraculous survival and repeated to me, and my mother after the surgery “we have no idea how this woman survived, her brain was full of blood”, Dr. Demetrius Lopez of Rush Medical Center stated “it was everywhere, all over it is a mystery how she survived, but God had a plan for my life.

My journey began with learning to walk, speak correctly, and the most challenging for me was learning how to use a computer.    Everyone that knew me, knew me as the whiz kid of all thing computerized.   After my surgery I stared blank faced into the computer not knowing what to do with it.   I went from typing 70 w.pm. to barely peaking at the keyboard.

I refused to give up, not only did I push myself to relearn everything, I also returned to college as an adult student.   My journey was still tough, I enrolled at Columbia College Chicago to complete my B.A. during this time I was classified as a student with Special Needs.   I still would not stop I completed my B.A. and when on to finish a M.A. in Education, and enrolled with the University of Phoenix to begin my journey working on a P.h.D. with a specialization in Educational Leadership.  I was laughed at, teased and made fun of during classes because it was obvious that my speech was off, no one knew my story but I kept pushing.